Investment Services

Corporate Network Brokerage Service (CNBS)

Kentucky Corporate is an owner of CNBS, a CUSO registered with the Securities Exchange Commission and a member of the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD), which provide investment, brokerage and custodial services. As a national securities broker/dealer exclusively serving credit unions, the sole purpose of CNBS is to assist your credit union with the purchase of competitively priced investments. In addition, all CNBS representatives are salaried, not commission driven, ensuring that you always receive objective, unbiased information.

CNBS Investment Advisory Service

As a registered investment advisor, CNBS provides fee-based advisory services using an integrated balance sheet approach. This approach recognizes the investment portfolio as a vital component of your credit union’s ongoing success. The CNBS Investment Advisory Service offers ALM modeling, investment policy design and review, monthly portfolio analysis and advice and customized consulting to meet the unique needs of your credit union.

Asset Liability Reporting

Kentucky Corporate, through our CUSO CNBS, offers a comprehensive asset/liability management (ALM) reporting and analysis product to our members. This product utilizes net economic valuation (NEV) in addition to gap analysis and income simulation. Credit unions may perform “what-if” simulations to assess the impact of new business opportunities on balance sheet risk. To enhance the usefulness of this information, members utilizing this ALM product, have access to valuable peer data.

Securities Safekeeping Program

Kentucky Corporate offers a Securities Safekeeping Program that provides your credit union with a safe and economical way to store and settle virtually all types of marketable securities. This program provides all of the traditional custodial services, including monthly safekeeping reports, coupon payments and principal collection and monthly market valuations.