Payment Services

Open Door

Open Door is an interactive account management program that enables member credit unions to access information on their Kentucky Corporate accounts in an easy and secure manner via the Internet. Open Door is easy to use with built in help menus to guide you through the program.


APEX is Kentucky Corporate’s ACH product that provides credit unions with cutting edge technology in ACH origination and receipt. APEX is accessed via the Internet and also will allow your credit union to offer origination services to your select employee groups.

Funds Transfer

To meet your credit union’s individual needs, Kentucky Corporate offers its members various alternatives with which to access their accounts. Determining which is optimal requires the weighing of such factors as time, explicit costs and amounts to be transferred.

Deposit by Check

Your credit union mails its check to Kentucky Corporate, indicating the account number and instructions for deposit. Credit unions will be given credit when the funds become available from the Federal Reserve.

Depository Transfer Checks

Depository Transfer Checks (DTC) are checks preprinted for audit purposes and controlled by Kentucky Corporate. These checks allow you to withdraw funds from your account at your local bank and deposit the funds in your Daily Account with Kentucky Corporate. With a DTC, funds transfer is faster than mailing a check and less expensive than a wire transfer from your bank.

Wire Transfers

Kentucky Corporate provides electronic wire transfers that quickly move from your Corporate account to other financial institutions at a very reasonable cost. Wires may be either called into Kentucky Corporate via the telephone or entered online using Open Door. Wire transfers may also be sent on your member’s behalf at a fraction of the cost of sending a wire via Western Union.

International Services

Kentucky Corporate provides the following International Services to our membership: international wires, check collection and international drafts. We process these services through our correspondent relationship with U.S. Central Credit Union. The volume of these services processed through U.S. Central allows cost-effective, timely processing of such services.

Cash Concentration (CNCC/ADT)

Kentucky Corporate offers Cash Concentration as an alternative to wire transfers. Funds may be transferred between your corporate account and your bank account through the use of a touch-tone telephone via ACH. These transfers are less expensive than bank wire transfers.

  • CNCC: Funds are transferred from your bank account to your corporate account.
  • ADT: Funds are transferred from your corporate account to your bank account.