Products & Services

At VolCorp, our guiding philosophy is that all members are created equal, a principle underscored by the fact we offer our very best prices to our entire membership, whether you have $1 million in assets or $1 billion. Regardless of location, your credit union will find the same friendly, dedicated staff available to you. Our staff includes several employees with over 20 years’ experience at VolCorp as well as employees who have worked at credit unions prior to joining VolCorp. With branch offices in West Virginia and Kentucky, you will also find the same friendly faces you knew from the former West Virginia Corporate FCU and Kentucky Corporate FCU.  This adds up to the high standard of service and support that VolCorp consistently provides to all members. We never forget that we exist to serve our member/owners.

Along with VolCorp’s employees, our Board of Directors is committed to ensuring exceptional member service levels that are rooted in conservative operating policies and secured by safe and sound financial management policies. We hope our success in protecting our current members’ capital without loss coupled with our safe and sound business model, which is compliant with the new Corporate Regulation 704, invokes strong confidence that your credit union’s investment will be safe at VolCorp.