Products & Services

Kentucky Corporate Federal Credit Union was organized in 1982 solely to provide financial services to credit unions in Kentucky. In 1998, Kentucky Corporate expanded its field of membership to include credit unions operating in eight surrounding states: Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and West Virginia. Kentucky Corporate is one of 29 corporate credit unions nationwide and partnered with our credit union - U.S. Central Credit Union.

At Kentucky Corporate, we are the credit unions’ “credit union.” Kentucky Corporate offers the highest levels of safety, investment diversity, competitive return and unsurpassed, personal service. Since our inception, Kentucky Corporate has steadily increased in size and services offered. This growth has been made possible by the confidence that our members place in Kentucky Corporate. Kentucky Corporate, along with the Corporate Credit Union Network, has continuously researched and developed financial products and services designed to help your credit union members, which enables credit unions to remain competitive and continue to flourish. All of this is accomplished in a stable, financially sound and secure manner.

We look forward to serving you well.